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How to pronounce witty (audio)


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Dictionary definition of witty

Possessing a sharp and clever sense of humor, often characterized by quick thinking, clever remarks, and amusing wordplay.
"The stand-up comedian delivered a series of witty one-liners that had the audience roaring with laughter."

Detailed meaning of witty

A witty person demonstrates an ability to think on their feet and deliver clever comebacks or observations that elicit laughter or admiration. Their humor is marked by intelligence, creativity, and a knack for finding amusing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or situations. A witty remark or comment is often unexpected and can catch others off guard, leaving them amused and entertained. Overall, a witty individual possesses a remarkable skill for humor that goes beyond mere jokes, using their wit to entertain, engage, and delight those around them.

Example sentences containing witty

1. Rick's witty remarks always kept the conversation lively and entertaining.
2. James has a reputation for being the wittiest person in the office, always bringing humor to dull meetings.
3. The witty banter between the two characters added an extra layer of charm to the romantic comedy.
4. Emily's witty retorts often left her opponents speechless during debates.
5. The clever and witty wordplay in the poem made it a joy to read.
6. The writer's witty satire skillfully highlighted the absurdities of society.

History and etymology of witty

The adjective 'witty' has its roots in the word 'wit,' which originates from Old English 'witan,' signifying knowledge, understanding, and cleverness. In Middle English, 'wit' evolved to encompass mental sharpness and quick thinking, leading to the formation of 'witty.' This adjective describes an individual who possesses a sharp and clever sense of humor, often marked by quick thinking, clever remarks, and amusing wordplay. The term has retained its association with intelligence and humor over time, reflecting the enduring appreciation for wit and cleverness in communication.

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Further usage examples of witty

1. The comedy show featured a talented ensemble cast who delivered witty punchlines with impeccable timing.
2. Even in stressful situations, Jake managed to maintain his witty demeanor, lightening the mood for everyone.
3. The professor's lectures were never boring thanks to his witty anecdotes and clever examples.
4. The witty cartoon strip in the newspaper always brought a smile to my face in the morning.
5. Martha's clever and witty observations about everyday life made her a popular blogger with a loyal following.
6. Her witty sense of humor brightens the dullest of days.
7. The witty professor effortlessly engages students in class.
8. John's witty remarks always add charm to social gatherings.
9. The witty novelist weaves clever wordplay into her stories.
10. Sarah's witty commentary on current events is thought-provoking.
11. His witty banter with colleagues makes the office lively.
12. The witty comedian's quick wit leaves the audience in stitches.
13. They engage in witty wordplay during their playful debates.
14. The witty journalist delivers news with a dose of humor.
15. Mary's witty retorts in discussions are both sharp and funny.
16. The witty chef not only cooks well but also entertains viewers.
17. The witty detective cracked the case using clever deductions.
18. His witty one-liners and puns are the highlight of the party.
19. The witty poet's verses are known for their depth and humor.
20. Her witty repartee with friends keeps the mood light.
21. John's witty sense of humor is a hit at family gatherings.
22. The witty actor's improvisation skills are truly impressive.
23. The witty playwright's dialogues are full of clever wordplay.
24. The witty artist's cartoons are a delightful blend of humor.
25. His witty storytelling captivates the audience's imagination.



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