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How to pronounce wonderment (audio)


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Dictionary definition of wonderment

A state of awe, marvel, or astonishment.
"As the curtain lifted, the audience was filled with wonderment at the breathtaking ballet performance."

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Detailed meaning of wonderment

It represents a feeling of deep admiration and curiosity in the face of something extraordinary or inexplicable. When experiencing wonderment, one is captivated by a sense of fascination and amazement, often accompanied by a desire to explore and understand the object or phenomenon at hand. It is a state of being that ignites the imagination and stirs the soul, inviting contemplation and a heightened appreciation for the wonders of the world. Wonderment can arise from witnessing breathtaking natural landscapes, encountering remarkable feats of human achievement, or pondering the mysteries of the universe. It is a reminder of the limitless potential for discovery and the capacity for childlike wonder that resides within us all.

Example sentences containing wonderment

1. The child's face lit up with wonderment as they watched a shooting star streak across the night sky.
2. Exploring the ancient ruins filled me with a sense of wonderment at the ingenuity of past civilizations.
3. The artist's vibrant paintings evoked a feeling of wonderment, transporting viewers to imaginary worlds.
4. Walking through the dense forest, I couldn't help but feel a sense of wonderment at the beauty of nature.
5. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery left the entire scientific community in a state of wonderment.
6. Looking at the newborn baby, I was overwhelmed with wonderment at the miracle of life.

History and etymology of wonderment

The noun 'wonderment' is closely connected to the root word 'wonder,' which has its origins in Old English 'wundrian,' meaning to be amazed, astonished, or filled with awe. Over time, 'wonder' evolved into Middle English and continued to signify a state of astonishment or marveling at something extraordinary or remarkable. 'Wonderment' subsequently emerged as the noun form of 'wonder,' describing the state of being in awe, marvel, or astonishment. It encapsulates the sense of wonder and amazement that arises when encountering something remarkable, and its etymology underscores its intrinsic association with a profound sense of awe and astonishment.

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Further usage examples of wonderment

1. Standing on the mountaintop, I experienced a moment of wonderment as I gazed at the breathtaking vista below.
2. Reading a captivating book can transport you to realms of wonderment and imagination.
3. The intricate architecture of the cathedral filled me with a sense of awe and wonderment.
4. Observing the intricate dance of the fireflies in the summer night brought a sense of wonderment to my heart.
5. Exploring the depths of the ocean and witnessing its vibrant marine life filled me with wonderment at the mysteries of the underwater world.
6. The breathtaking sunset filled me with wonderment.
7. Their eyes sparkled with wonderment at the magical show.
8. The child's face was a canvas of pure wonderment.
9. The beauty of nature never ceases to inspire wonderment.
10. The scientist's discovery was met with universal wonderment.
11. In the museum, visitors expressed wonderment at the art.
12. The intricate architecture left tourists in wonderment.
13. As the fireworks lit up the sky, wonderment filled the air.
14. The astronaut's stories of space ignited wonderment.
15. The novel's twist ending left readers in utter wonderment.
16. The magician's tricks elicited gasps of wonderment.
17. Exploring the ancient ruins filled them with wonderment.
18. The orchestra's performance left the audience in wonderment.
19. Her talent for storytelling left listeners in a state of wonderment.
20. The unexpected kindness of strangers filled her with wonderment.
21. Traveling to new places always brings a sense of wonderment.
22. His artistic creations were a constant source of wonderment.
23. The chef's culinary skills never failed to inspire wonderment.
24. The meteor shower was a night of celestial wonderment.
25. The scientific exhibit sparked wonderment among the students.



amazement, indifference, disregard, boredom


Suffix -ment, Ambition and Drive, Curiosity and Inquiry, Mystery and Mastery, Astonish and Outlandish

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