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longing, satisfaction, contentment, indifference


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How to pronounce yearning (audio)


Dictionary definition of yearning

A strong feeling of desire or longing for something, often something that is absent or unattainable.
"The student's yearning for knowledge motivated them to pursue higher education."

Detailed meaning of yearning

It is a powerful emotion that can be both positive and negative, depending on the circumstances. Yearning can be associated with feelings of nostalgia, homesickness, and a sense of loss or emptiness. It can also be associated with feelings of hope and aspiration, such as the yearning for success, love or personal growth. It can be directed towards a person, a place, a thing or an experience, that one desires or wishes to have or to be. Yearning can be an intense emotion and can cause a lot of emotional pain, but it can also be a source of inspiration and motivation. It can also be a sign of unmet needs or unresolved issues, and it may indicate a lack of fulfillment or satisfaction in one's life. Therefore, it is important to understand the cause of the yearning and to find healthy ways to address it.

Example sentences containing yearning

1. His yearning for adventure was so strong that he quit his job and traveled the world.
2. She felt a deep yearning to reconnect with her childhood friends after many years apart.
3. The yearning for freedom was palpable among the oppressed citizens of the totalitarian regime.
4. The film captured the yearning of young love in a way that struck a chord with audiences.
5. Her yearning for knowledge drove her to read every book she could get her hands on.
6. The artist's work often explores the yearning for identity and belonging in a chaotic world.

History and etymology of yearning

The noun 'yearning' has an etymology that connects it to the concept of desire and longing. It comes from the Old English word 'gearnung,' which is related to 'georn,' meaning 'eager' or 'desirous.' This Old English root can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'gernijan,' indicating a strong desire or craving. 'Yearning' has evolved in modern English to describe a profound and often melancholic feeling of longing or desire for something that is either absent or unattainable. Its etymology captures the essence of passionate and heartfelt desires that can be deeply emotional and persistent, reflecting the human experience of yearning for what is beyond reach or lost.

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Further usage examples of yearning

1. Despite his success, he couldn't shake the yearning for a simpler life away from the spotlight.
2. The melody evoked a sense of yearning that resonated deeply with those who heard it.
3. His letters from abroad revealed a yearning for his homeland and the people he left behind.
4. The yearning for justice spurred activists to take to the streets in peaceful protest.
5. During the holiday season, her yearning for family traditions made her feel exceptionally nostalgic.
6. The yearning for self-improvement led him to seek various avenues for personal growth.
7. As the years passed, her yearning for a lost love only seemed to intensify rather than fade.
8. The athlete's yearning for victory pushed him to train harder, even when he was exhausted.
9. After years in a cubicle, she felt a yearning to do work that would make a tangible difference.
10. Their yearning for peace was so intense that they willingly entered difficult negotiations.
11. The yearning for adventure is what fuels many explorers to venture into the unknown.
12. Every bite of the traditional dish satisfied his yearning for the flavors of his hometown.
13. The characters in the novel struggle with yearning for a past that can never be recaptured.
14. The yearning for validation often leads people to extreme measures in pursuit of approval.
15. Her yearning for a child became the focal point of her life, overshadowing other ambitions.
16. The scenic mountain vistas ignited a yearning in her to explore nature more frequently.
17. His yearning to make a lasting impact drove him to pursue a career in renewable energy.
18. The protagonist's yearning for reconciliation is the emotional core of the story.
19. The poem captures the yearning we all feel for connection in an increasingly isolated world.
20. Despite achieving fame, he felt an unresolved yearning for genuine friendship.
21. The yearning for spiritual enlightenment led her to embark on a pilgrimage.
22. His yearning for a more equitable society was the catalyst for his political activism.
23. Even in her success, she felt a persistent yearning for her mentor's elusive approval.
24. The yearning to escape small-town life is a recurring theme in many coming-of-age stories.

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