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Interactive Flashcards: ACT 1 (American College Testing) Words

Conquer the ACT with these 75 key words, from "abide" to "unaccountable". Sharpen your vocabulary for academic excellence!



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Complete Vocabulary List for ACT 1 (American College Testing)

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abide, alight, aristocrat, aspire, attitude, authorize, befitting, bereft, canny, capitalism, cleanse, collude, compelling, component, condense, congratulation, conjure, conspicuous, convenience, conventional, correspond, damnation, decompose, deeds, dejected, descent, despair, disheveled, dispatch, diversify, ellipse, encouraging, equinox, escapade, facilitate, fanfare, ferret, fitting, fluctuating, harmonious, implied, inclusive, inescapable, inflame, insincere, joust, lethargic, liberty, lurk, malicious, mentor, meticulous, objectionable, parasite, pessimist, phoenix, pilgrimage, ploy, poised, preceding, prospectus, pulverize, puncture, range, reboot, regarding, repulse, resounding, rugged, spellbound, static, stunned, submerge, suppress, unaccountable

ACT 1 (American College Testing)

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