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Interactive Flashcards: 'Attraction and Allure' Vocabulary List

This section is rich with words like 'enamor', 'seductive', and 'tantalize', perfect for describing the power of attraction and the charm that captivates.



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Complete Vocabulary List for Attraction and Allure

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affable, affinity, allure, alluring, amicable, amorous, appetizing, attract, attractive, aura, besotted, bouquet, camaraderie, captivate, carnal, charm, charming, coitus, collegial, concubine, concupiscent, copulate, coy, crush, curvaceous, decorative, deluxe, emblazon, enamor, enamored, enchant, enchanting, enthrall, entrancing, erogenous, erotic, fascinate, fetching, flirtatious, glint, gourmet, gratuity, inamorata, infatuate, infidelity, inseparable, insolence, intrigue, jape, libido, likeable, lothario, lovelorn, lure, paramour, passion, passionate, permeate, philanderer, platonic, prurient, pulchritude, raunchy, reconcile, riveting, salacious, seduce, seductive, sensuous, smitten, storge, sublime, supreme, symbiotic, tantalize, tête-à-tête, titillate, tryst, unrequited, voluptuous

Attraction and Allure

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