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Examples of 'a-la-carte' in a Sentence

1. He found the a-la-carte menu confusing because of the myriad of choices.
2. The a-la-carte system in the airline gave passengers the flexibility to choose additional services.
3. My meal was from the a-la-carte menu, while my friend chose the buffet.
4. The a-la-carte subscription service was perfect for people who liked to personalize their entertainment.
5. At the new French restaurant, the a-la-carte desserts were exceptionally divine.
6. The boutique hotel provided an a-la-carte service to each of their guests.
7. In this gourmet cooking class, students can choose an a-la-carte study option to focus on specific cuisines.
8. The hotel's a-la-carte breakfast offered everything from fresh fruits to delicious pancakes.
9. The a-la-carte approach in their training program was a big hit amongst the employees.
10. With their a-la-carte offerings, the internet provider allowed customers to choose their speed and data packages separately.
11. Choosing from an a-la-carte menu can be a bit overwhelming due to the variety of options.
12. Their a-la-carte dinner was simply splendid, with each dish prepared to perfection.
13. The a-la-carte services at the wellness center meant we could pick the treatments we felt were necessary.
14. The a-la-carte design option at the furniture store allowed customers to mix and match to suit their tastes.
15. We decided to order a-la-carte so we could try a variety of dishes.
16. The a-la-carte menu featured an array of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.
17. She opted for the a-la-carte dining experience to customize her meal.
18. The a-la-carte pricing allowed us to control our spending based on our choices.
19. The a-la-carte restaurant had a diverse selection of vegetarian and vegan options.
20. The chef recommended trying the a-la-carte tasting menu for a culinary adventure.
21. The a-la-carte pricing made it easy to accommodate different dietary restrictions.
22. We enjoyed the flexibility of the a-la-carte menu, ordering dishes at our own pace.
23. The a-la-carte brunch offered a variety of small plates to choose from.
24. The a-la-carte dessert menu showcased an assortment of sweet treats.
25. The a-la-carte dining experience allowed us to customize our meal for a special occasion.

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