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Examples of 'ab-initio' in a Sentence


1. He decided to learn the piano ab initio and refused to use any shortcuts.
2. The development of the new software was done ab initio to ensure its uniqueness.
3. To understand the concept thoroughly, she started reading the book ab initio.
4. We planned the trip ab initio, making sure that every detail was carefully thought out.
5. The researchers carried out the experiment ab initio when the previous results were invalidated.
6. The team decided to approach the problem ab initio rather than relying on outdated solutions.
7. To grasp the fundamentals of physics, it was necessary to study the subject ab initio.
8. She decided to learn baking ab initio by attending a culinary school.
9. The process had to be restructured ab initio to meet the new standards.
10. When I started learning Spanish, I had to begin ab initio since I knew absolutely nothing about the language.
11. The company's business model was built ab initio, making it innovative and distinct from its competitors.
12. In mathematics, it's often best to learn concepts ab initio for a comprehensive understanding.
13. The movie script was rewritten ab initio to fit the director's unique vision.
14. Ab initio, the painter decided to take a different approach for his latest piece, experimenting with new techniques.
15. The project was planned ab initio to ensure its success.
16. The company's strategy was to focus on innovation ab initio.
17. The lawyer approached the case ab initio with a unique perspective.
18. The team decided to work together ab initio to achieve their common goal.
19. The researcher started the study ab initio with a thorough review of the literature.
20. The scientist approached the experiment ab initio with a hypothesis in mind.
21. The teacher taught the subject ab initio with the basics.
22. The architect designed the building ab initio with sustainability in mind.
23. The chef approached the recipe ab initio with the freshest ingredients.
24. The developer approached the coding challenge ab initio with a new algorithm.
25. The analyst approached the data ab initio with a critical eye for detail.

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