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Examples of 'abandon' in a Sentence

1. The shipwreck survivors had to abandon their sinking vessel.
2. They couldn't bear to abandon their beloved pet.
3. She felt the need to abandon her toxic relationship.
4. The marathon runner refused to abandon the race, despite injury.
5. The chef had to abandon the recipe and start over.
6. Abandoning the project wasn't an easy decision to make.
7. The team had to abandon the game due to bad weather.
8. It's important not to abandon hope in difficult times.
9. The astronauts had to abandon the malfunctioning spacecraft.
10. The hikers were forced to abandon their trek due to a blizzard.
11. Sometimes, it's necessary to abandon old traditions for progress.
12. She couldn't abandon her responsibilities, even on vacation.
13. The author had to abandon the first draft of the novel.
14. They had no choice but to abandon their home during the flood.


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