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Examples of 'abashed' in a Sentence

1. His abashed demeanor showed he regretted his actions.
2. She turned abashed when caught singing in the shower.
3. The apology left her feeling somewhat abashed.
4. He became abashed in front of the large audience.
5. The compliment made her blush and feel abashed.
6. They left the meeting abashed by their lack of preparation.
7. His abashed expression revealed his guilt.
8. She appeared abashed when praised for her work.
9. He was abashed by the unexpected compliment.
10. The criticism left him feeling abashed and insecure.
11. She became abashed when her secret was revealed.
12. His abashed laughter lightened the tense atmosphere.
13. The unexpected honor left her pleasantly abashed.
14. They both felt abashed after the public argument.
15. She stood in front of the crowd, abashed by the attention.
16. His abashed expression revealed his embarrassment at being caught.
17. The student's abashed demeanor indicated that he had forgotten his lines during the performance.
18. She felt abashed when her mistake was pointed out in front of her colleagues.
19. The abashed child apologized for breaking the vase.
20. The employee wore an abashed smile after realizing the error in his report.
21. She felt abashed by her lack of knowledge on the subject during the discussion.
22. His abashed silence spoke volumes about his guilt.
23. The abashed puppy cowered in the corner after chewing on the furniture.
24. The abashed teenager blushed when asked about his crush.
25. Despite her abashed state, she mustered the courage to admit her mistake and apologize.

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