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Examples of 'abettor' in a Sentence

1. Evidence indicated she was more than just an abettor; she was the mastermind.
2. In this crime thriller, the main character unknowingly becomes an abettor to a major heist.
3. Despite being an unwilling abettor, he was still liable for the consequences.
4. The police are seeking any information leading to the identification of the abettor.
5. She regretted her actions, never intending to become an abettor.
6. If we can find the abettor, we can break this crime ring wide open.
7. The hidden abettor in this complex scheme was his brother all along.
8. He tried to argue his innocence, stating he was an unknowing abettor.
9. When the abettor turned state's evidence, the whole case unraveled.
10. Though an unwilling abettor at first, he eventually embraced his role in the plot.
11. The true abettor remained undiscovered, quietly slipping away from the scene.
12. He was considered an abettor due to his financial support of the illegal activities.
13. She was an unwilling abettor, forced into compliance by threats to her family.
14. The abettor played a critical role in coordinating the movement of the contraband.
15. The police arrested the abettor who aided the criminal in committing the robbery.
16. The prosecutor accused the suspect's friend of being an abettor in the crime.
17. The judge found the co-conspirator guilty of being an abettor in the fraud case.
18. The whistleblower revealed the identity of the abettor who helped the corrupt politician.
19. The investigator found evidence that the accountant was an abettor in the embezzlement scheme.
20. The victim's family filed a lawsuit against the abettor who facilitated the scam.
21. The witness provided crucial testimony about the abettor's involvement in the drug trade.
22. The security camera footage showed the abettor helping the thief steal the car.
23. The journalist exposed the abettor who assisted the scam artist in their financial scheme.
24. The auditor uncovered the abettor who helped the manager manipulate the company's finances.
25. The lawyer argued that the abettor was equally responsible for the crime committed by their accomplice.
26. The accomplice confessed to being an abettor and agreed to cooperate with the authorities.


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