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Examples of 'abhorrence' in a Sentence

1. The community's abhorrence of racism was evident in their protests.
2. Her abhorrence of spiders made her scream when she saw one.
3. The dictator's abhorrence of dissent led to a repressive regime.
4. The sight of animal abuse filled her with abhorrence.
5. Their abhorrence of pollution inspired them to clean up the beach.
6. The bigotry displayed by some people is a source of abhorrence.
7. The character's abhorrence of lies was a central theme in the story.
8. The abhorrence of war united people in their quest for peace.
9. His abhorrence of public speaking made him anxious.
10. The company's abhorrence of waste led to recycling initiatives.
11. The artist's work was met with both admiration and abhorrence.
12. The villain's abhorrence of kindness made him a formidable foe.
13. The community's abhorrence of crime led to a neighborhood watch.
14. Their abhorrence of discrimination fueled their advocacy for change.
15. The community expressed abhorrence at the thought of a landfill being built nearby.
16. His abhorrence of dishonesty was instilled in him from a young age by his parents.
17. The play vividly portrays the abhorrence that war can evoke in the hearts of soldiers.
18. The animal rights activist's abhorrence for animal cruelty led her to start a shelter.
19. His abhorrence of his previous behavior led him to seek counseling and make amends.
20. He viewed the crime with abhorrence, unable to comprehend how someone could be so cruel.
21. Her abhorrence of waste drives her to create innovative solutions for recycling.
22. The child's abhorrence for vegetables is so intense that he refuses to even touch them.
23. The group’s abhorrence of discrimination led them to organize a peaceful protest.
24. The town’s abhorrence of the corrupt mayor led to a unanimous vote for his removal.
25. She couldn't hide her abhorrence when she saw the old, moldy food in the refrigerator.

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