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Examples of 'abject' in a Sentence

1. The company's financial performance was an abject failure, causing its stock price to plummet.
2. The team's defeat was an abject disappointment to the fans.
3. The prisoner's abject apology was met with indifference by the judge.
4. The condition of the slum was an abject example of urban neglect.
5. The thought of working nights for the rest of his life filled him with abject horror.
6. The once-proud athlete was reduced to an abject state of depression after a series of injuries ended his career.
7. The government's response to the disaster was widely seen as an abject failure.
8. The abject poverty in which many people in the country live is a shame and a disgrace.
9. The students' test scores were an abject embarrassment to the school.
10. His abject surrender was a sign of his complete defeat.
11. His abject poverty left him struggling to meet even his most basic needs, like food and shelter.
12. She felt an overwhelming sense of abject sorrow and despair after the sudden loss of her beloved pet, unable to hold back tears.
13. The abandoned puppy had a pitiful and abject look in its eyes, as if it had lost all hope.
14. The beggar's abject situation, sitting in the cold with tattered clothes, stirred deep compassion in passersby, who stopped to offer help.
15. Their abject failure in the competition was a bitter disappointment, and they vowed to train harder for the next one.
16. In the face of defeat, he showed abject humility and apologized to his teammates for letting them down.
17. Abject fear gripped the villagers as the storm approached, with thunder echoing like impending doom.
18. The war-torn country faced an abject humanitarian crisis, with thousands of people in desperate need of aid.
19. The prisoners endured abject conditions in the overcrowded jail, facing overcrowding and inadequate facilities.
20. Despite her abject circumstances, she remained hopeful and worked tirelessly to improve her life.
21. The abandoned building was in an abject state of disrepair, with broken windows and crumbling walls.
22. He lived an abject existence, isolated from society, with no friends or family to support him.
23. Abject loneliness consumed him after his friends moved away, leaving him feeling utterly alone.
24. The film depicted the abject struggles of the homeless, highlighting the challenges they face daily.
25. Their abject surrender marked the end of the conflict, with both sides acknowledging defeat and seeking peace.


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