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Examples of 'abjure' in a Sentence

1. In the ceremony, she had to abjure her old way of life.
2. The initiation ritual required him to abjure all worldly possessions.
3. As part of the pact, they had to abjure any future claims.
4. The court demanded that he abjure any association with the criminal.
5. The priest asked her to abjure her sins and seek redemption.
6. To join the order, he had to abjure his worldly desires.
7. She had to abjure her family's traditions to follow her own path.
8. In the court of law, he had to abjure his criminal past.
9. The politician was pressured to abjure his controversial remarks.
10. The athlete had to abjure doping to compete in the tournament.
11. The defendant was asked to abjure any involvement in the theft.
12. She had to abjure her previous loyalties to join the new party.
13. To become a citizen, he had to abjure his foreign citizenship.
14. As part of the initiation, they had to abjure all personal possessions.
15. As part of his parole, the convict must abjure his former gang affiliations.
16. To join the peace movement, members must abjure violence in all forms.
17. It is difficult for a person addicted to smoking to abjure tobacco products.
18. The prince was asked to abjure his claim to the throne in order to prevent a civil war.
19. The new religious convert decided to abjure his previous beliefs and fully embrace his newfound faith.
20. The activist urged the government to abjure the use of harmful pesticides in agriculture.
21. In the witness protection program, participants often have to abjure their old identities to ensure their safety.
22. Environmentalists are urging society to abjure single-use plastics to reduce pollution.
23. The dietitian suggested that the patient abjure excessive sugar to improve his health.
24. The prisoner abjured his criminal past and started a new life after release.
25. For her New Year's resolution, Lisa decided to abjure negative thoughts and focus on positivity.
26. In the diplomatic negotiation, the country agreed to abjure its nuclear weapons program in exchange for economic aid.


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