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Examples of 'abode' in a Sentence

1. The eccentric millionaire's abode was a sprawling mansion, with a private lake and helicopter pad.
2. Her abode was a quaint cottage by the sea, where she spent her days painting and writing.
3. The homeless man's abode was a cardboard box under the bridge, exposed to the elements.
4. The ancient abode had been in the family for generations, passed down from father to son.
5. The artist's abode was a studio filled with canvases, paints, and brushes, where she spent hours creating her masterpieces.
6. His abode was a small cottage nestled in the countryside.
7. She invited us to her humble abode for tea and conversation.
8. The artist's abode was a loft filled with creativity and inspiration.
9. The explorer built a temporary abode to shelter from the harsh elements.
10. We arrived at our vacation abode, a cozy beachfront cabin.
11. The mansion stood as a grand abode, a symbol of wealth and luxury.
12. The nomadic tribe moved from one abode to another in search of fertile lands.
13. The hermit found solace in his secluded abode in the mountains.
14. The city's skyscrapers serve as towering abodes for thousands of people.
15. The medieval castle was an imposing abode, complete with fortified walls.
16. The abandoned house had become a dilapidated abode for squatters.
17. The family decided to renovate their abode to make it more spacious and modern.


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