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Examples of 'abolish' in a Sentence

1. They aim to abolish child labor worldwide.
2. The reform aims to abolish unfair trade practices.
3. The company will abolish its outdated policies.
4. She campaigned to abolish animal testing.
5. The new law will abolish restrictive immigration policies.
6. The activists hope to abolish gender inequality.
7. The movement seeks to abolish poverty.
8. It's essential to abolish racism from society.
9. The committee plans to abolish wasteful spending.
10. The revolution aimed to abolish the monarchy.
11. They decided to abolish the archaic rule.
12. The government is working to abolish corruption.
13. The organization's mission is to abolish hunger.
14. The goal is to abolish all forms of oppression.
15. The government decided to abolish the outdated laws.
16. She wanted to abolish the age-old tradition in their community.
17. The company planned to abolish the old system of work and introduce a new one.
18. They had to abolish the plan due to lack of funding.
19. The organization aims to abolish poverty in the country.
20. They want to abolish the use of plastic in their community.
21. The government promised to abolish corruption from the system.
22. He was trying to abolish the use of pesticides in their farm.
23. The new law aims to abolish discrimination of any kind.
24. They planned to abolish the use of fossil fuels and shift to renewable energy sources.
25. The movement was started to abolish child labor.

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