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Examples of 'abominable' in a Sentence


1. The team's performance in the game was abominable, resulting in a humiliating defeat.
2. The abominable conditions in the prison sparked widespread outrage.
3. The company's customer service was abominable, with long waiting times and rude representatives.
4. The abominable act of animal cruelty horrified animal lovers everywhere.
5. She found the idea of eating insects abominable, unable to fathom such a concept.
6. The abominable treatment of refugees highlighted the urgency for global humanitarian
7. The abominable smell in the room made everyone leave.
8. He was shocked by the abominable conditions of the animal shelter.
9. Her attitude towards her coworkers was nothing short of abominable.
10. They refused to eat because the taste of the food was abominable.
11. The movie was so abominable that we left the theater halfway through.
12. The team's performance in the match was abominable, and they lost horribly.
13. She couldn't believe the abominable way he spoke to his mother.
14. The storm brought abominable weather, making it impossible to leave the house.
15. His lack of manners at the dinner table was abominable.
16. The abominable state of the public restrooms was a health hazard.
17. The novel received abominable reviews from almost all the critics.
18. The house was in abominable condition, with trash and broken furniture everywhere.


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