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Examples of 'abrasion' in a Sentence

1. The car's collision caused an abrasion on the bumper.
2. An abrasion on the hardwood floor needed refinishing.
3. The cyclist's tumble resulted in an arm abrasion.
4. The rough fabric caused an uncomfortable skin abrasion.
5. The rough fabric of the carpet caused an abrasion on her skin.
6. The doctor treated the patient's abrasion with antiseptic and bandages.
7. The sandpaper left an abrasion on the wooden surface.
8. The rough edges of the table caused an abrasion on the child's arm.
9. The cat's playful scratch left a small abrasion on my hand.
10. The abrasive cleaner removed the stain but left an abrasion on the countertop.
11. The toddler had an abrasion on his cheek from stumbling and hitting a table.
12. The painter's hand suffered an abrasion from sliding it along the rough canvas.
13. The soccer player had an abrasion on his forehead from colliding with another player.
14. The abrasive surface of the sandpaper caused an abrasion on the wooden table.
15. The child's skinned knee showed signs of an abrasion and required cleaning and bandaging.
16. The fabric of the couch had an abrasion from constant use and needed to be repaired.
17. The swimmer had an abrasion on her shoulder from rubbing against the pool's rough edge.

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