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Examples of 'abrasive' in a Sentence

1. He had a knack for delivering abrasive criticism that was hard to swallow.
2. The sandpaper's abrasive texture is perfect for smoothing the wooden surface.
3. His abrasive style of leadership created tension in the team.
4. I didn't like the abrasive fabric of the sweater, it felt scratchy against my skin.
5. She didn't realize that her abrasive remarks were hurting her friends.
6. The plumber used an abrasive tool to unclog the pipes.
7. His abrasive character did little to win him any friends.
8. The band's music had an abrasive sound that was not to everyone's taste.
9. The cleaning product had an abrasive effect, and it damaged the delicate surface.
10. Despite the abrasive conditions, the plant species thrived in the desert environment.
11. His abrasive laughter echoed through the silent room, startling everyone.
12. The abrasive soap had a strong odor, but it did an excellent job cleaning.
13. Her abrasive approach to negotiations often led to unfavorable outcomes.
14. His abrasive attitude towards his coworkers caused tension in the workplace.
15. The steel surface was treated with an abrasive material to increase its roughness.
16. The customer's abrasive behavior made it difficult for the salesperson to close the deal.
17. Her abrasive tone made it difficult for others to communicate with her.
18. The mechanic used an abrasive brush to remove rust from the engine parts.
19. The abrasive cleaning solution was used to remove tough stains from the floor.


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