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Examples of 'abreast' in a Sentence

1. The friends strolled through the park abreast.
2. The competitors swam abreast in the final lap.
3. We need to stay abreast of changing market conditions.
4. The rowers paddled abreast, synchronized in their efforts.
5. The cyclists rode abreast to shield each other from the wind.
6. They worked abreast to complete the project on time.
7. Stay abreast of your financial goals with regular updates.
8. The team advanced abreast, undeterred by obstacles.
9. Walk abreast to make the most of this scenic trail.
10. Keep abreast of news updates for current affairs knowledge.
11. The dancers moved gracefully abreast on the stage.
12. The hikers walked abreast, enjoying the mountain views.
13. They ran abreast in the relay race, pushing for victory.
14. Stay abreast of your competitors to maintain your edge.
15. The hikers walked abreast along the narrow mountain trail.
16. The two cars raced abreast down the straightaway.
17. The team worked abreast on the project to ensure it was completed on time.
18. The dancers moved abreast on stage, executing synchronized movements.
19. The speakers kept the audience abreast of the latest industry trends.
20. The committee members stayed abreast of changes in regulations affecting their work.
21. The journalist worked hard to stay abreast of the latest political developments.
22. The analyst stayed abreast of market trends to make informed investment decisions.
23. The teacher kept abreast of new teaching techniques to improve student engagement.
24. The doctor stayed abreast of the latest medical research to provide the best possible care.
25. The researcher stayed abreast of advances in technology to improve their experiments.

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