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Examples of 'abrupt' in a Sentence

1. The movie had an abrupt ending that left viewers wanting more.
2. The hiker was startled by the abrupt drop at the edge of the trail.
3. His abrupt decision to quit was shocking to all of us.
4. The conversation came to an abrupt halt when he entered the room.
5. She had an abrupt way of interrupting that was rather rude.
6. The bus came to an abrupt stop, causing the passengers to jolt forward.
7. An abrupt change in the business strategy took everyone by surprise.
8. His abrupt refusal to cooperate further complicated the situation.
9. The abrupt shift in tone in the novel was disorienting.
10. The project faced an abrupt termination due to lack of funding.
11. The driver's abrupt acceleration gave me a bit of a fright.
12. The cityscape ended in an abrupt line where the desert began.
13. She was startled by the bird's abrupt departure from the tree.
14. The abrupt silence following the loud noise was eerie.
15. She was taken aback by the abrupt change in plans.
16. The hike was marked by an abrupt change in terrain.
17. He made an abrupt stop at the red light, causing the driver behind him to brake sharply.
18. She was surprised by the abrupt end to the conversation.
19. The company announced an abrupt shift in strategy.
20. He made an abrupt turn and missed his exit on the highway.
21. She was taken aback by the abruptness of his tone.
22. The meeting was interrupted by an abrupt power outage.
23. He made an abrupt decision to quit his job without giving notice.
24. She was startled by the abrupt loud noise from the construction site.
25. The story had an abrupt ending, leaving many questions unanswered.


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