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Examples of 'abscess' in a Sentence

1. Cellulitis can sometimes result in an abscess.
2. An abscess in the armpit can be quite uncomfortable.
3. Pus drainage is common in a mature abscess.
4. He developed an abscess at the site of the injury.
5. A periapical abscess can be excruciatingly painful.
6. The surgeon drained the abdominal abscess.
7. An abscess in the throat can make swallowing difficult.
8. Infected piercings can lead to localized abscesses.
9. The dentist had to lance the gum abscess.
10. Chronic sinusitis can lead to facial abscesses.
11. Antibiotics are often prescribed for an abscess.
12. The abscess had to be surgically removed.
13. Dental abscesses can cause severe toothache.
14. Skin abscesses can develop after an ingrown hair.
15. The dentist diagnosed him with a tooth abscess that required immediate treatment.
16. She experienced intense pain and swelling due to a skin abscess.
17. The nurse applied a warm compress to help alleviate the discomfort caused by the abscess.
18. The veterinarian treated the abscess on the dog's paw with antibiotics.
19. The abscess on his leg was so severe that he had to be hospitalized.
20. The abscess caused him to miss several days of work due to the pain and inability to move.
21. The abscess developed as a result of a deep tissue infection.
22. She had to undergo multiple procedures to fully remove the abscess from her breast.
23. The abscess on his gum made it difficult for him to eat or speak properly.
24. The surgeon successfully drained the abscess and cleaned the wound to prevent further infection.
25. He was prescribed antibiotics to help fight the abscess and speed up the healing process.

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