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Examples of 'abscind' in a Sentence

1. After a thorough analysis, they had to abscind the corrupted data from their research.
2. The gardener's deft hands worked to abscind a diseased branch from the apple tree.
3. He decided to abscind the embellishments from his essay, aiming for simplicity and clarity.
4. To create his masterpiece, the sculptor would abscind unnecessary parts from the marble block.
5. They planned to abscind the decaying beams, ensuring the house's safety.
6. She resolved to abscind the toxic relationships from her life, yearning for peace.
7. "Abscind the redundant code," the software engineer recommended, "to optimize the program's performance."
8. The seamstress had to abscind the excess fabric to perfect the gown's fit.
9. The florist began to abscind the wilted petals from the roses, keeping only the freshest for the bouquet.
10. She decided to abscind the superfluous scenes from her screenplay to improve its pacing.
11. With a swift move, he managed to abscind the burglar's bag from his grasp.
12. To create a stronger narrative, the writer decided to abscind the irrelevant subplots from his novel.


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