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Examples of 'abstruse' in a Sentence

1. The scientists discussed an abstruse hypothesis that had yet to be proven.
2. The manuscript was filled with abstruse terminology that required clarification.
3. Some ancient texts contain abstruse ideas that modern scholars still debate.
4. His abstruse argument was lost on the general public but praised in academic circles.
5. She tackled abstruse legal issues that had stumped even experienced lawyers.
6. His jokes were abstruse, often requiring a background in literature to understand.
7. The team was struggling to decipher the abstruse code left by their predecessor.
8. Their discussion veered into abstruse territory, confusing the less informed.
9. The philosopher's abstruse writings were studied mostly by dedicated scholars.
10. The composer's work was abstruse but groundbreaking, earning critical acclaim.
11. She was adept at explaining abstruse subjects in a manner anyone could understand.
12. The movie had an abstruse plot, leaving many viewers puzzled but fascinated.
13. Understanding the abstruse mechanics of black holes requires specialized knowledge.
14. The software's abstruse interface deterred many users from taking full advantage.
15. The committee pondered an abstruse question that had moral and ethical dimensions.
16. The novel featured abstruse themes that required thoughtful interpretation.
17. In art school, she specialized in abstruse forms of mixed-media installations.
18. The speaker covered abstruse economic theories in an engaging way.
19. He had a knack for simplifying abstruse concepts through clever analogies.
20. The abstruse calculations were beyond the grasp of the average student.
21. The ancient scroll contained abstruse prophecies that puzzled historians.
22. She relished the challenge of solving abstruse mathematical problems.
23. His abstruse dissertation was highly regarded within his narrow field of study.
24. The artist was known for her abstruse sculptures that puzzled yet captivated.


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