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Examples of 'absurd' in a Sentence

1. The absurd notion that the Earth is flat is debunked.
2. The movie's plot was so absurd that it became a cult classic.
3. Making important decisions based on astrology seems absurd.
4. It's absurd to think that cats can read minds.
5. It's absurd to believe that aliens built the pyramids.
6. The idea of talking animals is absurd.
7. The absurd notion of a square circle is logically impossible.
8. It's absurd to think that money alone can buy happiness.
9. The play was filled with absurd humor and unexpected twists.
10. It's absurd to expect a child to solve complex mathematical equations.
11. The absurd rules of the game made it difficult to play.
12. His explanation for being late was absolutely absurd.
13. The absurd price tag on the luxury item left many people bewildered.
14. It's absurd to believe that the Earth is flat in this day and age.
15. The professor's absurd theory was quickly dismissed by his peers.
16. The absurd fashion trend made people question the taste of designers.
17. The absurd amount of paperwork required for a simple task was frustrating.
18. The movie was filled with absurd situations that had the audience laughing uncontrollably.
19. It's absurd to judge a person solely based on their appearance.


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