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Examples of 'abysmal' in a Sentence

1. The response to the crisis was abysmal, with little action taken to address the problem.
2. The customer service provided by the company was abysmal, leading to many negative reviews.
3. The state of the roads in the city was abysmal, with potholes and cracks everywhere.
4. The air quality in the area was abysmal, with high levels of pollution and smog.
5. The movie received abysmal reviews, with critics panning it as one of the worst of the year.
6. The restaurant's service was abysmal; we waited hours for our food.
7. Her grades this semester were abysmal, much lower than usual.
8. The team's performance was abysmal, losing every game this season.
9. The weather forecast predicted an abysmal week of constant rain.
10. The movie's plot was so abysmal that I walked out of the theater.
11. The state of his finances was abysmal, drowning in debt.
12. The customer reviews for the product were abysmal, filled with complaints.
13. The traffic during rush hour can be abysmal; it took hours to get home.
14. The company's stock value suffered an abysmal drop after the scandal.
15. The condition of the abandoned house was abysmal, crumbling and decaying.
16. The singer's live performance was abysmal; she missed every note.
17. The cleanliness of the public restroom was abysmal, it needed attention.
18. Her sense of direction was abysmal; she got lost again.
19. The safety record of the airline was abysmal, raising concerns.
20. The quality of the cheap headphones was abysmal; they broke quickly.
21. The taste of the meal was abysmal, I couldn't eat more than a bite.
22. The state of the economy was abysmal, with high unemployment rates.
23. The team's communication was abysmal, leading to misunderstandings.
24. The condition of the old car was abysmal; it barely ran.
25. His punctuality was abysmal; he was always late for meetings.
26. The results of the experiment were abysmal, providing no useful data.
27. The morale in the office was abysmal due to constant layoffs.
28. The condition of the hiking trail was abysmal, full of obstacles.
29. The teacher's patience with disruptive students was abysmal.
30. The restaurant's health inspection rating was abysmal, with numerous violations.


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