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Examples of 'abyss' in a Sentence

1. The abyss of loneliness consumed him during his time of isolation.
2. The climber's heart pounded as he dangled over the gaping abyss below.
3. The decision to invest all his savings felt like a leap into the abyss.
4. The political scandal threatened to plunge the nation into an abyss of chaos.
5. The absence of hope left her teetering on the edge of the abyss.
6. The abyss of despair seemed insurmountable to those battling mental illness.
7. The team's defeat in the championship sent them spiraling into the abyss of disappointment.
8. The abyss of poverty can be difficult to escape without support.
9. The writer's block seemed to push her closer to the abyss of self-doubt.
10. The astronaut floated weightlessly above the abyss of space.
11. The loss of a loved one can leave a profound abyss in one's heart.
12. The character's moral choices led him down a dark abyss of guilt.
13. The chasm in the relationship widened, creating an emotional abyss between them.
14. The ancient mythology described a monstrous creature lurking in the depths of the abyss.


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