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Examples of 'academia' in a Sentence

1. The academic environment in academia fosters critical thinking and intellectual growth.
2. The tenure process is a significant milestone in an academic's career in academia.
3. Academia encourages lifelong learning and continuous education.
4. The academic conference showcased the latest developments in the field.
5. Academia strives for objectivity and evidence-based research.
6. The academic community in academia thrives on collaboration and interdisciplinary work.
7. She pursued a doctoral degree to pursue a career in academia.
8. Academia values originality and contributions to the existing body of knowledge.
9. The academic institution provided financial support for students pursuing higher education in academia.
10. The professor's published works were highly regarded in academia.
11. The conference room was filled with prominent figures from academia.
12. Academia offers opportunities for mentorship and guidance from experienced scholars.
13. The academic curriculum in academia is designed to impart specialized knowledge and skills.
14. The rigorous peer review process ensures the quality of research in academia.

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