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Examples of 'accede' in a Sentence

1. Can you persuade them to accede to the merger?
2. The principal must accede to the parents' concerns about safety.
3. The captain's decision to accede to the crew's mutiny saved lives.
4. We need the council to accede to the community's wishes.
5. The professor will accede to your request for an extension.
6. It's important for the president to accede to diplomatic negotiations.
7. The committee will accede to the member's recommendation.
8. She wants her team to accede to the client's demands.
9. The monarch's willingness to accede to the new constitution surprised many.
10. The company's success will depend on whether they accede to market trends.
11. The parliament must accede to the public's call for reform.
12. Can you get management to accede to our proposal?
13. The union hopes management will accede to their terms.
14. The mayor's decision to accede to the budget request pleased the council.
15. It's essential for the CEO to accede to the shareholders' concerns.
16. The athlete will accede to the coach's training regimen.
17. The teacher will accede to the student's request for extra help.
18. The diplomat worked tirelessly to accede to the peace negotiations.
19. The negotiation's success relies on both parties' ability to accede to compromise.


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