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Examples of 'accept' in a Sentence

1. He didn't want to accept that he was wrong.
2. They will probably accept our invitation to the party.
3. We should accept that sometimes we cannot change people's opinions.
4. I'm glad she decided to accept the job offer.
5. It's important to accept constructive criticism for personal growth.
6. She is finding it difficult to accept her new role at work.
7. Can you accept that not everything is within your control?
8. They said they would accept payment in installments.
9. I am eager to accept the challenge and prove my capabilities.
10. She had to accept that her favorite show was canceled.
11. The system is designed to accept only authorized users.
12. He needed time to accept the reality of his situation.
13. The company decided to accept applications from all over the world.
14. If you accept the terms, please sign the contract.

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