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Examples of 'accessible' in a Sentence


1. The government is working to make healthcare more accessible.
2. The conference venue is easily accessible from the city center.
3. The store has made efforts to be more accessible to those with disabilities.
4. The emergency services hotline is accessible 24/7.
5. The remote location became more accessible with a new road.
6. The app's interface is intuitive and easily accessible.
7. Accessibility ramps were added to the public building.
8. The subway system is known for being accessible to commuters.
9. The city's public Wi-Fi makes the internet accessible to all.
10. The hiking trail is accessible year-round.
11. The support team is accessible through multiple channels.
12. The online course materials are accessible to enrolled students.
13. Public restrooms should be easily accessible to all.
14. The affordable housing project aims to make homes accessible to low-income families.
15. The museum has made its exhibits more accessible by installing ramps and elevators.
16. The hotel has accessible rooms equipped with wider doorways and grab bars for guests with mobility challenges.
17. The new online platform offers accessible features such as text-to-speech and adjustable font sizes.
18. The park has accessible trails that are suitable for wheelchair users and people with strollers.
19. The supermarket has designated accessible parking spaces near the entrance for customers with disabilities.
20. The website has implemented accessibility improvements, including alt text for images and keyboard navigation options.
21. The restaurant has a menu that caters to various dietary needs, ensuring it is accessible to customers with food allergies or restrictions.
22. The university offers accessible online courses, allowing students to study from anywhere in the world.
23. The theater has installed captioning devices to make performances more accessible to individuals with hearing impairments.
24. The company has trained its customer service representatives to provide accessible support for customers with disabilities.
25. The public library has made efforts to make its resources accessible to all, including providing large-print books and audio materials.

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