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Examples of 'acclaimed' in a Sentence

1. The play became acclaimed, thanks to its writer's genius.
2. As an acclaimed poet, her words echoed with deep emotion.
3. Acclaimed for her voice, the singer filled stadiums worldwide.
4. His acclaimed invention changed the tech industry dramatically.
5. The acclaimed actress portrayed complex characters seamlessly.
6. A win by the acclaimed team inspired young athletes globally.
7. Acclaimed authors from around the globe gathered at the event.
8. The garden, designed by an acclaimed landscaper, is stunning.
9. Her acclaimed performance earned a standing ovation on opening night.
10. Acclaimed for his courage, the officer saved countless lives.
11. The acclaimed engineer's innovations shaped the modern world.
12. His paintings were acclaimed for their emotional intensity.
13. An acclaimed journalist, her reports impacted global policies.
14. The acclaimed architect’s designs are both functional and artistic.
15. The acclaimed chef opened a new restaurant in town, which quickly became the talk of the community.
16. Her acclaimed novel won several awards and was praised by critics globally.
17. The movie featured an acclaimed actress who is known for her versatile roles in the film industry.
18. The concert hall was packed with fans eager to see the performance of the acclaimed pianist.
19. The acclaimed artist's paintings were auctioned for record-breaking prices at the gallery.
20. The small boutique hotel received acclaim for its impeccable service and luxurious rooms.
21. This acclaimed documentary provides an insightful look into the lives of endangered animals in the wild.
22. The theatre group's acclaimed adaptation of the classic play drew crowds from across the country.
23. The company hired an acclaimed interior designer to renovate their office space, resulting in a modern and inspiring work environment.
24. The acclaimed poet recited some of his latest works, leaving the audience spellbound with his eloquence and depth.

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