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Examples of 'acclimatize' in a Sentence

1. It can take a few weeks to fully acclimatize to a drastically different climate.
2. When you get a new pet, it is important to give it time to acclimatize to its new home.
3. Scuba divers must acclimatize to the increased pressure underwater to avoid decompression sickness.
4. It is important to acclimatize gradually to high altitudes by spending a few nights at intermediate elevations.
5. People who move from sea level to higher altitudes may take several days or even weeks to acclimatize.
6. When you travel to a different country, it may take time to acclimatize to the local customs and traditions.
7. To acclimatize to the local cuisine, start by incorporating small amounts of local ingredients into your meals.
8. Plants often struggle to acclimatize after being moved from an indoor environment to outdoors.
9. When you start a new job, it usually takes a while to acclimatize to the new work culture and routines.
10. It is important to acclimatize to the local culture and language when studying abroad.
11. If you move from a humid climate to a dry one, it may take time for your skin to acclimatize.
12. When you move to a new house, it may take a while to acclimatize to the new surroundings and neighborhood.
13. It can be challenging to acclimatize to the fast pace of life in a big city after living in a small town.
14. After spending a long time in a controlled environment, it may take time to acclimatize to the natural fluctuations in temperature and humidity.


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