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Examples of 'accommodate' in a Sentence


1. The restaurant can accommodate both indoor and outdoor dining.
2. Can you accommodate a later check-out time for us?
3. The school strives to accommodate students with disabilities.
4. We'll need to accommodate the changes in the project timeline.
5. Our office space can comfortably accommodate your team.
6. The airline will do its best to accommodate your seating preferences.
7. The theater can accommodate an audience of over 500 people.
8. We'll accommodate your request for a private meeting room.
9. The company policy is to accommodate remote work arrangements.
10. Our system can accommodate multiple users simultaneously.
11. The resort can accommodate various recreational activities.
12. The venue can accommodate both small and large gatherings.
13. The kitchen was redesigned to accommodate a new oven.
14. The stadium was expanded to accommodate more spectators.
15. The hotel was able to accommodate all the guests for the wedding.
16. The theater made arrangements to accommodate wheelchair users.
17. The company provided flexible work hours to accommodate employees with different schedules.
18. The school implemented changes to accommodate students with special needs.
19. She rearranged her plans to accommodate her friend's arrival.
20. The venue can accommodate up to 200 people for events.
21. The airline made efforts to accommodate passengers affected by the flight delay.
22. They added extra chairs to accommodate the unexpected number of attendees.
23. The hotel room was spacious enough to accommodate a family of four.
24. The teacher adjusted the lesson plan to accommodate students' varying skill levels.
25. The museum has audio guides available to accommodate visitors with visual impairments.


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