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Examples of 'accommodating' in a Sentence

1. The event planner was very accommodating to our last-minute changes and requests.
2. The museum was accommodating to families with small children, providing strollers and changing areas.
3. The hotel's breakfast service was accommodating, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options.
4. The host of the party was accommodating to everyone's preferences and made sure everyone was comfortable.
5. The office was accommodating to employees who needed to work from home, providing the necessary equipment and support.
6. The hotel staff was exceptionally accommodating, going above and beyond to meet our needs.
7. She's an accommodating friend, always willing to adjust plans to make everyone comfortable.
8. The software is highly accommodating to users of all skill levels, with intuitive design features.
9. He was an accommodating host, making sure each guest felt welcome and well-cared-for.
10. The company culture is accommodating to remote work, which gives employees more flexibility.
11. Their accommodating nature made them the go-to team for handling complex customer service issues.
12. This restaurant is accommodating to various dietary restrictions, offering gluten-free options.
13. The manager was accommodating in letting us reschedule the meeting to fit our team's availability.
14. As an accommodating spouse, he always took into account his partner's preferences and concerns.
15. The airline was surprisingly accommodating, waiving the usual fees due to our unique circumstances.
16. She found an accommodating babysitter who was willing to work weekends and evenings.
17. The application process is designed to be accommodating to people who speak different languages.
18. The yoga instructor was accommodating to all skill levels, offering alternative poses for beginners.
19. Being accommodating to customers’ needs is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.
20. The interior design of the car is accommodating, allowing for lots of customization.
21. Despite his busy schedule, he remained accommodating to last-minute changes and requests.
22. The professor was accommodating in providing extra material for students who wanted to learn more.
23. The script was accommodating to various interpretations, making it popular among diverse directors.
24. Their accommodating approach to parenting includes involving the kids in decision-making processes.
25. The venue was accommodating, providing wheelchair access and interpreters for the hearing impaired.


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