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Examples of 'accomplice' in a Sentence

1. The prosecutor offered a plea deal to the accomplice in exchange for valuable information.
2. The gang members relied on their accomplices to carry out their illegal activities.
3. The accomplice turned state's witness and provided key evidence against the organized crime syndicate.
4. The judge sentenced the convicted murderer and his accomplice to life in prison.
5. The criminal's accomplice abandoned him at the scene of the crime, leaving him to be apprehended.
6. The undercover agent infiltrated the criminal organization, gaining the trust of the key accomplices.
7. The accomplice confessed to his involvement in the arson attack, implicating his partners.
8. The investigators pieced together the puzzle of the crime, identifying the roles of each accomplice.
9. The defense attorney argued that his client was coerced into becoming an unwilling accomplice.
10. The gang leader ensured his accomplices were well-compensated for their criminal activities.
11. The police sought to dismantle the entire network of accomplices involved in the counterfeit operation.
12. The accomplice provided an alibi for the main suspect, but their story quickly fell apart under scrutiny.
13. The accomplice's testimony shed light on the motive behind the murder.
14. The prosecutor sought maximum penalties for the accomplice, considering their active participation in the crime.


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