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Examples of 'accordant' in a Sentence

1. Her behavior remained accordant with her principles.
2. The decision was in accordant with the established policy.
3. The two studies produced accordant findings.
4. Their beliefs were surprisingly accordant despite differences.
5. The arrangement of the flowers was beautifully accordant.
6. The feedback received was largely accordant.
7. His speech was accordant with the occasion's solemnity.
8. The results were accordant with our expectations.
9. Their styles of art were remarkably accordant.
10. The team's performance was impressively accordant.
11. The final design was perfectly accordant with the vision.
12. The recommendations were in accordant with best practices.
13. Their values and priorities were accordant.
14. The outcomes of the experiment were largely accordant.
15. The team worked in an accordant manner, achieving great results.
16. Her ideas were accordant with the overall vision of the project.
17. The decision was made in an accordant fashion, taking everyone's opinions into account.
18. The couple's beliefs were accordant, leading to a strong and healthy relationship.
19. The colors in the painting were accordant, creating a visually pleasing composition.
20. The new policy was in accordant with the company's values and goals.
21. The choir sang in an accordant voice, creating beautiful harmonies.
22. The dancers moved in an accordant manner, executing the choreography flawlessly.
23. Their opinions on the matter were accordant, leading to a unanimous decision.
24. The components of the machine were accordant, allowing it to function smoothly.
25. The melodies in the song were accordant, creating a captivating musical arrangement.

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