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Examples of 'accordingly' in a Sentence

1. The instructions were followed meticulously, and results varied accordingly.
2. We will assess the situation and respond accordingly.
3. The menu was changed, and the prices were adjusted accordingly.
4. The team faced unexpected challenges but adapted accordingly.
5. She organized the tasks and distributed them accordingly.
6. The discounts will be applied accordingly at checkout.
7. The schedule was modified, and everyone was notified accordingly.
8. The feedback was considered, and changes were made accordingly.
9. The policies were updated, and employees were trained accordingly.
10. The recipe called for fresh ingredients, so she shopped accordingly.
11. The protocol required a specific response, and it was followed accordingly.
12. He reviewed the data and made adjustments accordingly.
13. The car's speed was adjusted accordingly to the road conditions.
14. The instructions were given clearly, and the team executed accordingly.
15. The weather forecast predicted rain, and he dressed accordingly in a waterproof jacket.
16. The coach assessed the players’ skills and designed the training sessions accordingly.
17. When they found out about the dietary restrictions of their guests, they adjusted the menu accordingly.
18. As the company's revenue increased, they scaled up their operations accordingly.
19. The teacher noticed that the students were struggling, so she modified the lesson plan accordingly.
20. He received feedback on his first draft, and accordingly made changes before submitting the final version.
21. They learned the concert was outdoors, so they packed blankets and picnic snacks accordingly.
22. The test results showed a deficiency in vitamin D, and the doctor adjusted her medication accordingly.
23. Realizing the historical significance of the documents, she handled them accordingly with great care.
24. The traffic was heavier than usual, so she left early and planned her route accordingly.
25. The budget for the project was reduced, so they had to cut costs and allocate resources accordingly.

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