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Examples of 'accost' in a Sentence

1. It is not polite to accost someone aggressively, especially if you do not know them well.
2. While walking through the busy market, salespeople accost you from every direction, trying to catch your attention.
3. The charity workers will accost shoppers at the mall, seeking donations for their cause.
4. He's the kind of person who will accost strangers on the street to talk about his interests.
5. The coach asked his team not to accost the referees with questions during the match.
6. As he walked through the dark alley, two strangers suddenly accost him, demanding his wallet and phone.
7. She felt uncomfortable when the street vendor aggressively accost to sell her something she didn't want.
8. At the conference, the journalist boldly accost the senator to ask an uncomfortable question about ethics.
9. Local residents accost the mayor during a town meeting to voice their concerns about rising crime rates.
10. Even though she was in a hurry, she had to accost the delivery person to sign for a package.
11. Police warn that a group of individuals accost pedestrians and ask for money, sometimes using force.
12. The protester decided to accost the speaker on stage, interrupting the event with shouts and slogans.
13. Unprepared for a debate, he felt intimidated when his classmates accost him with controversial questions.
14. The director accost a few key employees to discuss sensitive issues away from prying eyes.
15. People accost the celebrity for autographs so often that she barely has time to herself.
16. If you accost someone on the street for a survey, always ensure you have the proper permits and identification.
17. Animal activists sometimes accost shoppers outside fur stores to protest the unethical treatment of animals.
18. In the crowded market, you'll find vendors who eagerly accost you with offers of exotic fruits and spices.
19. The lifeguard had no choice but to accost the swimmer who was ignoring safety rules in the pool area.
20. He was shocked when a group of investors accost him after the meeting to vent their frustrations.
21. Fans often accost musicians after a concert, hoping for a picture or a few words with their idols.
22. At family gatherings, she hates when her relatives accost her to ask about her personal life and career.
23. The college student decided to accost the dean about the need for more mental health services on campus.
24. Commuters sometimes accost ticket inspectors to complain about delays and other service issues.
25. It's considered rude to accost people with personal questions when you've just met them for the first time.


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