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Examples of 'accountable' in a Sentence

1. The organization strives to create a culture of accountability among its members.
2. The accountable party must take responsibility for the mistake and rectify it.
3. The employee was praised for being consistently accountable and reliable.
4. In a healthy relationship, both partners should be accountable for their actions and words.
5. The project manager held a meeting to discuss the accountable individuals for each task.
6. The government promised to be transparent and accountable to its citizens.
7. The accountant's role is to keep track of financial transactions and hold individuals accountable.
8. The principal holds students accountable for their academic performance.
9. The committee members are collectively accountable for making important decisions.
10. The judge reminded the defendant that he is accountable for his actions.
11. The company's values include integrity, honesty, and being accountable to their customers.
12. The board of directors is ultimately accountable for the company's success.
13. The team established clear expectations to ensure everyone is held accountable for their contributions.
14. The public holds elected officials accountable for fulfilling their campaign promises.

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