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Examples of 'accreditation' in a Sentence


1. The company's accreditation is a testament to its ethics.
2. She is pursuing professional accreditation in her field.
3. The museum's accreditation confirms its historical accuracy.
4. The accreditation process assesses academic institutions.
5. The government agency handles accreditation of businesses.
6. They're working hard to achieve industry accreditation.
7. Accreditation ensures safety in healthcare settings.
8. We need to maintain our accreditation for credibility.
9. Accreditation can enhance the reputation of a university.
10. The accreditation board sets strict standards for programs.
11. The NGO's accreditation supports its humanitarian work.
12. Accreditation requires meeting certain quality criteria.
13. They received full accreditation for their innovative program.
14. The company's accreditation is displayed proudly on its website.
15. The university's accreditation was renewed for another five years.
16. The hospital received prestigious accreditation for its exceptional patient care.
17. She proudly displayed her accreditation as a certified financial planner.
18. The company's accreditation as an environmentally friendly organization boosted its reputation.
19. The school's accreditation allowed its graduates to pursue higher education opportunities.
20. The accreditation process involved an in-depth examination of the organization's policies and procedures.
21. The laboratory's accreditation ensured the accuracy and reliability of its test results.
22. The accreditation board recognized the institution's commitment to diversity and inclusion.
23. Without proper accreditation, the training program lacked credibility.
24. The international accreditation opened doors for global collaborations and partnerships.
25. The government agency mandated accreditation for all childcare centers to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

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