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Examples of 'acculturate' in a Sentence

1. Students who study abroad must acculturate to different academic environments.
2. Acculturate: a process where traditions evolve, and cultures blend harmoniously.
3. The family sought to acculturate while honoring their ancestral customs.
4. She felt a need to acculturate to fully participate in the global community.
5. Immigrant children acculturate quickly, often becoming cultural bridges.
6. The novel explores themes of identity and the struggle to acculturate.
7. In two years, Raj has managed to acculturate to his new British environment.
8. To acculturate is not to abandon one’s roots but to extend one’s branches.
9. Maria helps her parents acculturate, interpreting the nuances of American life.
10. The Zens acculturate to life in Canada, celebrating both Chinese and Canadian holidays.
11. It took a decade for the expatriate to fully acculturate into Japanese society.
12. Children of immigrants often acculturate faster, navigating two worlds with ease.
13. To acculturate is to enrich one's cultural understanding and broaden perspectives.
14. The museum's exhibit highlights the ongoing process to acculturate in America.
15. Ravi decided to acculturate, embracing the lifestyle and norms of his new country.
16. The international student joined a language exchange program to acculturate more effectively.
17. The family worked hard to acculturate their children into the traditions and values of their ancestral heritage.
18. Over time, she began to acculturate to the unique dialect and accent of the region.
19. The company provided cultural training to help employees acculturate to the customs and practices of their overseas clients.
20. The newly married couple had to acculturate to each other's families and traditions.
21. The immigrant community established community centers to help newcomers acculturate to the local society.
22. The anthropologist studied how indigenous tribes acculturate when exposed to external influences.
23. The exchange program included activities to help students acculturate to the host country's educational system.
24. The refugees underwent a program to acculturate them to the local culture and provide essential integration support.
25. The religious group organized events and workshops to help its members acculturate to the practices and beliefs of the faith.


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