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Examples of 'acquiesce' in a Sentence

1. The manager won't acquiesce to your idea without strong evidence.
2. The professor expects students to acquiesce to the course requirements.
3. Can you get them to acquiesce to the project timeline?
4. The teacher won't acquiesce to late submissions without valid reasons.
5. The council members must choose whether to acquiesce to the proposal.
6. She refuses to acquiesce to unfair treatment in the workplace.
7. He won't acquiesce to the deal unless it's mutually beneficial.
8. The athlete won't acquiesce to subpar performance standards.
9. Will the committee ultimately acquiesce to the community's request?
10. The board may have to acquiesce to budget constraints this year.
11. The diplomat worked tirelessly to get both sides to acquiesce to peace.
12. They need to acquiesce to changes to remain competitive.
13. The jury must unanimously acquiesce to the verdict.
14. The union won't easily acquiesce to management's terms.
15. The mayor is reluctant to acquiesce to budget cuts.
16. The company can't afford to acquiesce to market pressures.
17. The coach expects the team to acquiesce to rigorous training.
18. The government might finally acquiesce to environmental concerns.
19. The shareholders demand that the board acquiesce to their proposals.


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