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Examples of 'acquiescent' in a Sentence

1. His acquiescent personality can be both an asset and a flaw.
2. The team's acquiescent response surprised the coach.
3. An acquiescent attitude is not always the best approach.
4. They considered him too acquiescent to be an effective leader.
5. The students' acquiescent behavior made teaching enjoyable.
6. His acquiescent acceptance of the decision surprised everyone.
7. An acquiescent attitude can sometimes lead to missed opportunities.
8. The group's acquiescent agreement was a relief to the organizer.
9. Being overly acquiescent can hinder personal growth.
10. The acquiescent employee never questioned the decisions made by higher management.
11. He was known for his acquiescent nature, always deferring to others' opinions.
12. The group of friends followed the acquiescent member's lead, going along with whatever plans she suggested.
13. The team's acquiescent attitude allowed the coach to dictate the strategy without much opposition.
14. The student was labeled as acquiescent since she rarely challenged her teachers' viewpoints.
15. The acquiescent employee received praise for never causing trouble or pushing back against company policies.
16. Her acquiescent behavior in the relationship led to her needs and desires being constantly overlooked.
17. The politician's acquiescent stance on controversial issues garnered criticism from those seeking bold and decisive action.
18. The organization was characterized as acquiescent due to its reluctance to challenge prevailing norms and structures.
19. The parent encouraged their child to be more assertive and less acquiescent in social situations.
20. The acquiescent population accepted the government's decisions without questioning their motives or consequences.

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