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Examples of 'acquire' in a Sentence

1. He worked hard to acquire a reputation for excellence.
2. They must acquire a permit to build on the property.
3. Acquiring a second language can be challenging but rewarding.
4. The explorer hoped to acquire new discoveries on the journey.
5. We should acquire feedback to improve our product.
6. The athlete's hard work helped him acquire his skills.
7. Acquiring funding is crucial for our startup's success.
8. She managed to acquire tickets to the sold-out concert.
9. He plans to acquire more customers for his business.
10. Acquiring a taste for sushi took some time.
11. The museum hopes to acquire a famous painting.
12. They aim to acquire a better understanding of the issue.
13. She worked hard to acquire the necessary skills for her dream job.
14. The company acquired a smaller startup to expand its market reach.
15. They traveled to different countries to acquire knowledge about various cultures.
16. The athlete trained diligently to acquire strength and endurance for the upcoming competition.
17. The art collector was thrilled to acquire a valuable painting for their collection.
18. He studied diligently to acquire fluency in a foreign language.
19. The entrepreneur sought investors to acquire the capital needed to start a new business.
20. She acquired a taste for spicy food after traveling to a region known for its spicy cuisine.
21. They adopted a rescue dog to acquire a loyal and loving companion.
22. The student borrowed books from the library to acquire the information needed for their research project.

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