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Examples of 'acquit' in a Sentence

1. The defense attorney presented an alibi to acquit his client.
2. The legal team managed to acquit their client through diligent work.
3. In some cases, a single piece of evidence can acquit an accused person.
4. The judge decided to acquit the defendant due to a lack of motive.
5. They are waiting to see if the court will acquit her based on the new evidence.
6. The defendant's family fervently hoped that the court would acquit him.
7. The lawyer put forth a convincing argument to acquit the suspect.
8. Public opinion pressured the court, but the judge upheld the law and decided to acquit the man.
9. Sometimes, an honest testimony from a credible witness can acquit a defendant.
10. The legal system should acquit the innocent and punish the guilty.
11. The defense lawyer advised his client to remain calm, believing he could acquit him.
12. The court must acquit if the prosecution fails to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
13. If you can provide an alibi for that night, the court may acquit you.
14. Despite the public's outcry, the court chose to acquit the defendant based on the evidence presented.


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