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Examples of 'acquittal' in a Sentence

1. The acquittal marked a pivotal moment in the defendant's life, allowing them to move forward and rebuild their reputation.
2. The acquittal came as a relief to the defendant's family, who had been supporting them throughout the lengthy trial.
3. The acquittal sent shockwaves through the legal community, prompting debates about the effectiveness of the justice system.
4. The prosecution was disappointed with the jury's decision of acquittal and vowed to pursue other avenues of justice.
5. The emotional courtroom erupted in applause and tears of joy as the judge announced the defendant's acquittal.
6. The defense attorney celebrated her client's acquittal in the high-profile case.
7. The jury's unanimous verdict was an unexpected acquittal for the defendant.
8. The media frenzy surrounded the celebrity's dramatic acquittal.
9. The family of the victim was devastated by the defendant's acquittal.
10. The lawyer's brilliant argument led to a swift acquittal.
11. The courtroom erupted in cheers upon hearing the acquittal.
12. The judge's decision to grant an acquittal surprised many.
13. The long-awaited acquittal brought relief to the accused.
14. The prosecutor was disappointed by the acquittal but respected the process.
15. The defendant's tears of joy followed the news of the acquittal.
16. The defense team's strategy played a crucial role in the acquittal.
17. The public debate over the high-profile acquittal continued for weeks.
18. The attorney delivered a powerful closing argument to secure the acquittal.
19. The community divided over the controversial acquittal verdict.
20. The wrongful accusation led to a well-deserved acquittal.
21. The judge explained the legal basis for the acquittal to the jury.
22. The defendant's family expressed gratitude for the acquittal.
23. The defendant's alibi played a pivotal role in securing the acquittal.
24. The acquittal marked the end of a challenging legal battle.

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