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Examples of 'acrimonious' in a Sentence

1. I was taken aback by the acrimonious tone she used when speaking about her boss.
2. The two brothers engaged in an acrimonious battle for their father's estate.
3. The acrimonious meeting ended with no resolution, only deeper resentment.
4. The writer responded to the negative reviews of his book with an acrimonious letter to the editor.
5. It was an acrimonious divorce that left both parties bitter and resentful.
6. The acrimonious breakup of the band shocked their fans around the world.
7. After an acrimonious dispute over the last piece of pizza, they decided to just split it.
8. Their acrimonious feud started over a trivial misunderstanding.
9. She sent an acrimonious email to the company, expressing her dissatisfaction with their services.
10. The meeting began with an acrimonious argument between the two department heads.
11. The acrimonious dispute over the border has been going on for years.
12. An acrimonious debate erupted in the comment section of the online article.
13. Their partnership ended on an acrimonious note, with accusations of dishonesty on both sides.
14. A once amicable relationship between the two companies turned acrimonious due to a disagreement on the joint project.
15. The acrimonious dispute between the neighbors over a fence dragged on for months.
16. Her acrimonious remarks during the meeting left everyone in a bad mood.
17. The debate quickly turned acrimonious when the candidates started to attack each other's character.
18. Despite an acrimonious divorce, they both remained committed to co-parenting their children.
19. The once harmonious community was torn apart by acrimonious conflicts over property lines.
20. The chef stormed out of the kitchen after an acrimonious exchange with a customer.
21. Their acrimonious relationship made working together almost impossible, and productivity plummeted.
22. The acrimonious tone of the political campaign left many voters feeling disillusioned.
23. They decided to part ways after the acrimonious end to their business partnership.
24. The writer’s acrimonious critique of the movie was met with backlash from fans.
25. The union and the company are locked in an acrimonious battle over wages and benefits.


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