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Examples of 'acrimony' in a Sentence

1. The disagreement between the two countries was marked by acrimony, as each side accused the other of wrongdoing.
2. Despite the acrimony between the two political parties, they were eventually able to come to an agreement.
3. The acrimony between the neighbors had been building for years, and finally came to a head in a heated argument.
4. The acrimony between the two rival companies was well-known in the industry.
5. The acrimony in the classroom was palpable, as the students argued over their differing opinions.
6. The planning meeting dissolved into bitter acrimony between the both sides.
7. The debate turned acrimonious when one speaker accused the other of lying.
8. The acrimony between the siblings had been going on for so long that they barely spoke to each other.
9. The acrimony between the two countries was so intense that they broke off diplomatic relations.
10. The acrimony between the two teams was evident on the field, as they engaged in a series of rough tackles.
11. The acrimony between the two factions within the organization had been brewing for months, and finally came to a head in a public dispute.
12. The acrimony between the feuding neighbors escalated into a legal battle.
13. The acrimony in the boardroom made collaboration nearly impossible.
14. Despite their shared goals, their acrimony hindered progress.
15. The divorce proceedings were marked by intense acrimony.
16. The political debate was marred by acrimony and personal attacks.
17. The long-standing acrimony between the rival gangs led to violence.
18. Acrimony in the workplace can harm morale and productivity.
19. They parted ways with acrimony, ending a once-close friendship.
20. The family reunion was tainted by old acrimony and grudges.
21. The negotiations were characterized by mutual acrimony.
22. Acrimony in the courtroom made the trial emotionally charged.
23. The acrimony in the online discussion was disheartening.
24. Resolving the acrimony required open communication and compromise.


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