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Examples of 'acrophobia' in a Sentence

1. Acrophobia sufferers may avoid tall buildings or bridges.
2. Treatment for acrophobia can include cognitive-behavioral therapy.
3. Even with acrophobia, she managed to conquer her fear during the hike.
4. Acrophobia can lead to restricted lifestyles and missed opportunities.
5. The movie scene on the skyscraper triggered her acrophobia.
6. Acrophobia is often deeply rooted in a person's psychology.
7. He decided to seek help for his acrophobia after a near fall.
8. Her acrophobia emerged during a trip to the observation deck.
9. Acrophobia is a common phobia that affects people of all ages.
10. The therapist helped him confront his acrophobia through exposure therapy.
11. Acrophobia limited her career choices, avoiding tall office buildings.
12. The fear of flying is related to acrophobia for many individuals.
13. Acrophobia can be managed with the right support and treatment.
14. His acrophobia was so severe that he couldn't even climb a ladder.
15. Individuals with acrophobia may experience intense anxiety or panic when high up.
16. The therapy helped him face and gradually overcome his acrophobia.
17. Because of her acrophobia, she always avoided booking flights and preferred to travel by train.
18. Acrophobia can be debilitating for those who live in high-rise buildings.
19. He never realized he had acrophobia until he froze in fear at the top of the ferris wheel.
20. Some people develop acrophobia after a traumatic experience involving heights.
21. Virtual reality therapy is becoming a popular method for treating acrophobia.
22. The psychologist specialized in treating various phobias, including acrophobia.
23. Acrophobia can often be managed through gradual exposure to heights in a controlled environment.
24. Because of his acrophobia, he had to decline the offer to go mountain climbing with his friends.
25. Understanding the root cause of her acrophobia helped her to begin addressing her fear of heights.
26. His acrophobia was so severe that he couldn’t even stand on a chair to change a light bulb.

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