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Examples of 'actualize' in a Sentence

1. He hoped to actualize his potential in the new role.
2. Actualizing a successful career demands hard work.
3. The company's mission is to actualize innovation.
4. They strived to actualize their dream home.
5. Actualizing a vision often requires overcoming obstacles.
6. The artist aimed to actualize his masterpiece.
7. Actualizing your ambitions begins with a plan.
8. To actualize her aspirations, she pursued higher education.
9. Actualizing the strategy led to remarkable growth.
10. They wanted to actualize a more inclusive workplace.
11. Actualizing a sustainable future is a global imperative.
12. The team's effort helped actualize the product launch.
13. Actualizing happiness involves a positive mindset.
14. He aspired to actualize his potential in every endeavor.
15. It is important to actualize your dreams and turn them into reality.
16. She worked hard to actualize her potential and achieve success in her career.
17. The team collaborated effectively to actualize their innovative ideas into tangible products.
18. The artist's vision was fully actualized through a stunning masterpiece.
19. The company's strategic plan was successfully actualized, resulting in significant growth.
20. It takes determination and perseverance to actualize your true potential.
21. Through dedication and hard work, he was able to actualize his ambitions and become a respected leader.
22. The community came together to actualize their shared vision of a clean and sustainable environment.
23. It's important to believe in yourself and take the necessary steps to actualize your goals.
24. With proper planning and execution, you can actualize your dreams and live a fulfilling life.
25. The project team worked tirelessly to actualize their vision, resulting in a groundbreaking innovation.

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